13 March 2006

"it's been a long year dad..."

I've been really lazy lately. I have that feeling like I should stop being lazy and actually DO something with the moment but I feel like I've been DOING so much in the last six months that I need a breather...Americans don't know "breather" very well, unless its an out of breath breather from moving around so much. Oh, well. But tomorrow it starts...I'm going to some job interview for two hours and then on Sunday I need to get up and talk about my trip...which is super exciting and a little bit scary. I'm not your average public speaker...although I was in Ukraine. Man, in it was so strange. I could talk and talk without huge worry because there I was in front of a group of people that didn't understand me. I could use more broken english, or perhaps change what I said in the middle and the only person that would know was my translator standing next to me..Of course it was always simple and sweet but it was something and that was a blessing. I sometimes would rather go from small groups of people repeating the same thing over and over then to go in front of a huge group and say it once. I do miss that...I haven't really begun to miss Ukraine until just recently. Just about the time life started feeling "normal"...and I think I am an unhappy-when-it's-normal person because I like things upbeat...I like them snappy...

So I end with this:

"I quit...I quit....I quit....I quit Mr. White."

And thankfully...and graciously, He takes over. Couldn't think of it any better way.
...this picture is a friend Andrey from Bible School, his wife and their daughter Margaritta...seeing him was one of the best moments of my life.

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Kristina said...

"there he goes...off to write that hit song, alone in his principles."
Mel. you're great.
and you'll do great.
(most of the pictures arent mine...but i use Photoshop 7.0 to jazz them up.)

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