31 January 2006

..I honestly never thought I would say. But today, I miss...

Me Sadona Sadona.


thekate said...

There is a certain rock on my mantle from a certain creek in Sedona from a certain trip with a certain starsoul that brings a certain smile to my face and a certain ache to my heart when i look at it.
seeing sedona makes me miss you.

Jacob's Rachel said...

Me?....Where are you pal...I MISS YOU!!!! I havent emaild you back becasue IM still thinking...thinking about all that you said and pondering the best advice I can give (which is not that great) Im prayin too pal. I WILL talk to you soon though...take heart and no worries leave all to Jesus! I love you friend!! Ratch

Kristina said...


This place is in need of an update.
Release some of that beautiful writing of yours for me to read...I know you've got pages and pages of it.

I miss you my friend. a lot.
Yes. the snow is becoming unbearable. It rained today. I think that means the weather is letting up a bit.
but you can never tell in Winnipeg.
I've given up smoking for a while, hence, wanting one so badly.
So no, i'm not enjoying one without you. But you can better believe that when i see you (this summer???) that we'll smoke one together and look back on better days.
with love,

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