14 January 2006

The Ukrainian Way

I decided in these last two minutes that I officially love this country.

It's a saturday afternoon and I came down here to send some emails and when I sat down at the computer the craziness began. Maybe it's just the restless weariness of these last couple of days...I don't know for sure. Or perhaps this smell that only happens when a room is filled with boys.

I came in and sat down and of course the keyboard is old and only types the letters it wants...and so as I pound on the keyboard to get the letters to come out I realize how dirty these keyboard is annnd I probably and really should be using gloves. So then, waiting a century for the page to load, I turn around and see a kid no older then five years old watching his older brother (who is maybe just mabe . maybe 8) playing video games. This would be ok if it was maybe like Disney games or educational or maybe like...at least Super Mario or something--but no. These are grusome games full of blood and killing and murder. I smile and wave at the five year old and he waves back. Oh bless him. Then I survey the rest of the room (there is about 20 computers in here) and see old men, married men, young kids, teenagers, whoever p-l-a-y-i-n-g video games.I then realize perhaps thats why this keyboard doesn't work so well. I should be playing video games...maybe later. Maybe this happens everywhere. I'm not gonna ask why they like it, because it's evident. It's fun. It's really kind of sort of interesting though. Only in Ukraine as we would say.

Haha. I do love it here. It's strangely magical. ьсо хорошо.


arnoldgonzo3073 said...

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thekate said...

day to day life as a park ranger? what a weird spamment. It seems to me like I would be one of the only people on earth who would actually say to myself "park ranger? interesting..." and click on such a blog. Yet apparently it's a high-powered advertising technique. Huh. You learn something new every day.

So I didn't mean to make this comment all about the previous comment. Mostly I just wanted to say I love you and I love that you love the Ukraine and I miss you and I wish the Ukraine were in close proximity to Texas. Now that would create a strange cultural mix. goodnight, dear, dear friend, or good morning I suppose to you...praying for a happy day for you
ending the world's longest comment....NOW.

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