15 February 2012

two weeks

Sorry for the delay. 
Things have been a little busy round here.

John is home until tomorrow and it has been a blissful little vacation. I think one of the best family vacations possible with two little ones.

We are savoring this time with our little bird and loving the moments with Jack. The good and hard ones. 

Us at the hospital right after she was born. I still can't over that I had just given birth. I felt so different (wonderful, really) and immediately after her tiny self came into the world I thought I could do it again.

For she was only 6lb 14oz. What else was in there? I was huge!!

She is so easy going. She loves to snuggle, nurse, make tiny little noises and cry, too, of course.

Her eyes look so old. As if there's an old soul in there reading your heart.

We were blessed to have John's mama come for two weeks! It was so wonderful and really good for Jack to get to know his daddy's mom. She is such a gem and the time spent together will be cherished.

Then, Jackboy got a bad cold and could often be found in places like this.

or doing things like this...
Our little family of four. p.s. I looked down because I looked huge and was so swollen. It helped...?

My mom also came up for a bit to see Zoey.  So, so precious.

My man, the daddy of two. It is still sinking in. It's still kind of scary, but after two weeks in...I feel ready. Bring it on. Just don't ask me to go grocery shopping with the two of them yet. Not. Quite. Ready for that adventure.

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r.martin said...

pal, it does my heart so so good to read your thoughts and see the beautiful photos of how your ever changing life is being unfolded by God! I love this friend! and I love you! I hope that things are getting better every day....love ya Sister!

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