02 November 2011


Typically, Jack doesn't really want me to rock him to sleep anymore. He prefers daddy almost every time and when I do rock him it isn't for very long. Tonight, he wanted some seriously snuggle time. John is at a meeting and it's just me and Jackboy. We rocked, we sang, we laughed and I felt myself holding back tears as I realized that these moments will become less and less. Already Jack has to share my lap with his little sister and she's taking up more and more room. He's hunched over my belly, with a truck in one hand and his blanky in the other, rocking back and forth like he's hugging a balloon or something. His little sister is kicking up a storm, but I don't mind. It's kind of like it's just the three of us, hanging out. A foreshadowing of what's to come. Except for there may not be enough room on my lap to rock both of them to sleep. 

There are so many moments with Jack that I love, but rocking him to sleep is one of my top five, easily. Most of his day is spent from one thing to the next, barely stopping for an occasional tickle or comforting hug. He's not just saying "up" anymore, but telling me about the cars and trucks outside, that he wants to color and eat a snack. Today, for the first time, when he hugged my sister he said, "squuuueeeeze burrger." (which is a saying my dad always said to us growing up when he gave us a hug.) It was so precious. 

The moments of carrying him across the parking lot, rocking him to sleep, and his cry to hold him when he gets hurt are so quickly passing by. I know they aren't meant to last forever (praise Jesus!) and yet today they are so constant, so everyday life. I pray to treasure each moment just a little more, especially as the reality of it becoming the four of us draws nearer. These last two years with just me and Jack have been such a blessing and it makes me slightly envious of all those first-borns out there. Oh, I know they have other issues, but come on. It must have been great (too bad most can't remember it.) Today, Jack wanted a "group hug" with me and John and once again I was reminded how much his world will be rocked when Zoey comes along in February.


Here's a few snapshots from his birthday over the weekend.  

Our two year old with a yummy chocolate donut.

Oh, and my sweet cousins (leslie and arica) stopped by with Leslie's little guy, Ender. Arica is fanning away his stinky diaper and I just love his little face. So good to see those guys!

Jackboy loves his cars.

 Fall has stumbled up on. Love the changes.

Halloween Eve my sister and I carved pumpkins and watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I kind of may have wanted it to be affair, but...didn't happen. John gave Jack a bath instead. Didn't stop me.

 After a couple battles with a so sleepy-still recovering two year old, we opted out of the Thomas costume or the Girrafe costume and settled for a Lumber Jack instead. Glad we did because he looked too cute.

Last year. 2010.

This year. 2011.

Jack, with his little pal Ellie.


I wrote a bit about our trip to Michigan, but hadn't posted the pictures. Here's a few from our adventures in John's homeland.

Jack and his cousin Caleb. Jack still talks about him. Why do cousins have to live so far away? (story of my life)

our getaway/flu trip to Mackinac Island. It was so beautiful. Cold, quiet and perfect to stay snuggled in a room. It reminded me so much of Bible school in England.

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch that lasted about....45 minutes. Jack was a little over stimulated, or two. Same difference.

He literally pulled John's hand everywhere. I just laughed and took the pictures. John has kind of reached his limit.

He slowed down enough to see the chickens
 and eat two whole donuts. Yum.

Later that day (while Jack napped. Sorry, kiddo.) We went to a beautiful apple orchard to pick apples (or eat, whichever) and breath in fresh fall air.

Where we dream of taking family pictures next year. 

 John, demonstrating to me how I should pose.

The best I could do.

 Our precious nephews and niece. Such a joy to get to see them.

 John's sweet parents. We enjoyed a lot of laughter and time with family (and bowls of popcorn.)

Goodbye hugs all around.

This pictures cracks me up. That's all.

Evening singing with the VanTrapp---er, Dickerson fam. Such fun! 

Jack, last year at the pumpkin patch.

This year he still loves tractors. John did get a new fleece, which is a plus.


Elena said...

Love the beautiful photos and the way you write. Your little girl is going to be so beautiful and precious! We went on a family vacation to Mackinac Island many years ago and it is so lovely. We rode bikes around the whole island and even got to tour the famous hotel where "Somewhere in Time" was filmed. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. Did you get to try any of the fudge?!

Nessa said...

Oh my... first the birthday donut had me drooling and the you had to show me a tray!

Snuggle that baby boy mama.

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