17 July 2009

The summer thus far has been busy. It's good to be busy when it makes time past quickly, but not so good to be busy when it makes you tired all the time.

I have had enough time, however, to discover the beauty and wonder of pandora. It's my new obsession. Favorite station thus far? Regina Spektor has been great fun.

Ideas are swimming around our heads about what to name our little guy and how to build his little fort (his room, actually.) There's still time, so I don't feel the pressure just yet.

Our kiddo is indeed growing...and kicking and rolling and dancing. It's been delightful.

He's getting bigger, that little guy...

A morning walk...John loves the mornings. (or not.)

Just a few ideas we have for our little nursery. It's still coming together, but I told Rachel I'd post what we've come up with.


Spiro said...

looks like you have a name :)

Sharelle said...

and i like it!

(you guys are going to be the best parents. can't wait to meet him)

Kristina said...

oh, you're looking so great Mel.
I can't wait to see the little guy.


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