18 June 2009

It's a BOY!

(and that's his profile, not proof that he's a boy. I felt that might be a little too much. ;)

Still in a bit of shock, yet wildly excited, we can't wait until November to meet our little guy. John was so convinced it was a girl so it was pretty funny to see the obvious in the ultrasound on Tuesday.
"A boy. Most definitely a boy. Don't you see his junk?" The technician asked. We all laughed--uncontrollably and for a while.
We're still thinking of names, though we have a favorite. In due time...

This is what our kiddo would look like if we could put a camera inside and snap a picture--isn't that amazing?
...The bump keeps growing, which is a blessing in itself. He kicks often for both of us to know he's there. Like we could forget. Or would want to.

at 20 weeks

On another note, I had a great dream last night. I was back at Capernwray (where I went to Bible School) and it was like a ten year reunion or something. Everyone that we went to school with was there--including extras. The school had done a remodel and had somehow grown another two stories. It was pretty much like Hogwarts, come to think of it. A lot like it. Someone told me in the hall that there was even a detached wing called "Enchanted." I saw old friends and gave hugs and had some laughs. I saw my friend Kate and she quickly reported that her entire suitcase had "exploded" on it's trip up the stairs. Literally. How a suitcase explodes, I don't know. I then saw Sharelle who was giving someone a big hug and I immediatly wanted to go and hug her myself. Another friend Irena was there (on a beach that the school had recently added, it was awesome! ) with her daughter and we chatted for a while. What an incredible adventure. To say the least, I was very disapointed when I awoke to discover it was all just a dream. It started my day well, though.


Tricia said...

Hey Mel,

There's a BABY growing inside you!!!! How crazy? Like really. How incredibly great.

Spiro said...

glad you've caught up to my size.

your night dreams are my day dreams.

ps. congratulations, mommy.

(and i hope you guys do something special for father's day!)

Les is more said...

that boy is in for quite a ride with parents like you! bless him.
hey! lets hang for a bit when you're in town next time.

Kristina said...

oh, how WONDERFUL!
as i was reading, i was hoping to see photos of your bump, and as i scrolled, i found them.
this is so good.


the tapered pant said...

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...Oh geez. I think you should name him something German...I don't know what yet..we'll see. Oh Melaine, I think about you and pray for you ALL the time and I cannot wait, CANNOt wait to meet this guy! You are loved!

Sharelle said...

oh friend!

missed this post while backpacking. so glad i came to 'catch up'.

after i hugged that "other person" i should hope i was running over to hug you, my friend. a capernwray reunion? that would be a little heaven on earth. that's going to be in my dreams tonight.

you look sooo great buddy. so exciting to see your baby bump. so beautiful my friend.

thanks for posting these.

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