15 July 2015

settling in

We've landed in this new territory and after a bit of culture shock and awe at a city so large and overpopulated, it feels like the dust has settled. We look and feel different, but here we are. A little wiser, a little stronger and weaker all at once. Everything is in tact. I've watched my boy grow up in the last couple of months right before my eyes. His world has expanded and growing pains have come, but they've stopped now for a bit, giving him some room to breath. Welcome to the rest of life, my boy. It hasn't always been easy and feelings I've stuffed for years have surfaced. It's strange how quickly being a new person in an unfamiliar place can do that to you. But we've made it through and the heat has lifted (literally) and the cool California breeze has entered our evenings and we are embracing it.

 We've made a few friends and had a few good adventures (the beach often included in those adventures) and Jack told John the other night "I'm not where I was, but it's like I got a little boost and every day I get a little bit closer to being like where I was. You're not there yet either, dad. But you're getting there" 

Those boosts of kindred spirit discovering and playground friends and fellow little rascal fans have lifted our boy's spirits and I can see him stand a little stronger and with a little more courage. 

It was hard there for a while, not going to lie. To watch my little extroverted boy become a timid, lonely  and sad little bug was hard to watch. He expressed what we were all feeling and yet we knew the feelings would pass, but for him, his entire world just got turned upside down. 

Sometimes he would cry and tell me how everything is different and he wants to go back. He's inherited the gift of nostalgia and love for all that is familiar. But a few things he does love are the fog, the green grass in our yard (not sure how much longer that will be green) the nearby beach and the great playground scattered around. Oh and the ships not far from here.

And once we finally moved into our home, things settled and we unpacked familiar memories and although the surroundings had changed, the old familiar toys and sheets and dishes helped welcome us back to a new normal. And the kids discovered a new backyard and have found a great playmate in the other.

they also discovered the little rascals movie (1994 version as well as a new one on netflix.) Its as if Jackboy is in search of his little gang and now knows what a pretty good one looks like. Zoey gets into it too. Jack says he's Spanky. Not sure why he picked him, but he did. oh and Zoey is always Darla.

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Les is more said...

I really appreciated this post. Thanks Jack for being so real and brave, giving me a good reminder. Love your family and I'm still praying for this newness!

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