14 May 2015


We said goodbye to the church building we came to long ago when Jack was just a little bug in my belly.
My goodness. Who are those young folks?? 
(And my goodness! how our bodies change!) 

What a wonderful season it has been. What great memories are held at that building and my, what memories are to be made ahead.

We wait as the seasons change and spring is turning into summer. Rain has come a little late for our small city, but last night we were awoken to a thunderstorm. Jack joined me in bed and we were able to listen to the rain fall on the roof for a few minutes. I love a good middle of the night rain.

We recently got back from visiting my brother and sister in law in Nashville, TN. How wonderful it was to feel the green grass beneath our feet and feel the humid air at 9am. We slept with the windows open, drove with the windows down, and celebrated the limited allergy attacks.
We spent most of the day time together, truly bonding as a little fam. Sometimes it's hard to do that with young kids. Somewhere along the way these two entered into a new season too. Gone are the days of making sure they don't put hidden trash in their mouths or making sure they don't fall on sharp coffee table corners. We've entered into the days of pretend play, watching their little bond form and time spent together laughing and adventuring together. We know (and hope) there are more days of helicopter parenting ahead of us and anxiously await the day when we can bring home our little one and enjoy all of that again and we can't wait until she joins our adventures. We were pleasantly surprised that they are pretty great travelers and adapted well to new surroundings. The days were relaxing and fun with trips to parks around town while the evenings were spent with my brother and his family until about 2am when we would call it a night. We put the kids to sleep there and stayed up way later than we should have laughing and enjoying each other's company. Siblings are great that way.

There were a lot of laughs shared, a few tears, conversations about our quirky and adorable kiddos and reminiscing about days long past. We enjoyed popsicles and the best BBQ I've ever had, tacos and late night bowls of ice cream with cinnamon. 

There's something really precious about seeing your brother as a dad. Watching your sibling grow up and dreams coming true and some dreams not so much. It's a strange journey that we're on and one that I miss so much spending more time with him and his little family. I'm so thankful for siblings for our kiddos and that they can share that bond and the roots that go so deep with someone else too. 

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