05 October 2013

train park

it was our little nephew aaron's birthday a couple of weeks ago.
jack and aaron are two peas in a pod. to see them together is both precious and full of nostalgic moment of the pure joys of being a kid.

jack's favorite place is the train park. he talks about often. to him, the train park is better than disneyland.

little miss didn't nap and was quiet lethargic the whole time.
which i'm not complaining about. 
since she started running she is all over the place kind of toddler. yesterday, she climbed up the drawers in our kitchen. 
she is tiny, but man, she is fierce. 
i love it.

this was their face every time the train would drive by.

sometimes i feel like the train park is a hidden gem in scottsdale. it's not often packed and there's a huge playground and like $2 train rides. it's incredible. 

whenever we are going into phoenix and see the palm trees, jack bursts out "look, mama! it's phoenix trees!" 

jack loves a good pinata. especially when it's a train.

and sorry, but this was my favorite picture of all. hi-larious. just a total candid shot of kids. 

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