11 July 2012

The Big 3-0

Well, the day is upon us.

John turns 30 today. What a milestone, what an aging reality, what a beautiful thing.

He seems to be dreading it, but I love the idea of it (I can say that because I'm not there yet, thus, the reality of leaving 20 hasn't quite hit me yet ;) But mostly, I love the way 30 fits him. It fits him good.

Last night we were tempted by yet another monsoon (that didn't come) but we sat on our bed and took in the cool breeze and felt the rain drops through the window. It was a great way to end the last day of being in his 20's. We watched Return of the King (though I crashed around 10pm=halfway through.)

It's the end of a season, leaving your 20's. It's embarking on something new. Something incredible. It's so bittersweet. Life gets better with age and experience, but I love and cherish the younger years. Nothing is like them. I'm nostalgic by nature, but sometimes I cuddle/squeeze the kiddos and tell Jesus how very much I love this season. I know it won't last forever, but I really, really love it for now.

Which I like to remind myself in moments like this morning when Zoey wasn't napping (because she fell asleep in the car) termite inspectors were here filling me in on bugs and Jack was having a hard time with all the commotion and kept running to his room crying. By the time they left I thought I might lose it. By God's grace I got Jack a whole lot of strawberries to munch on, nursed the baby for a while and then returned to Jack to read lots of books. It evened out. ;)

Yeah, John wears 30 really well.

So thankful you were born, John.
I love the way you love Jesus and the way you give up everything to serve Him.
I love the way you listen and react.
I love the way you play with our kids and love on them day after day.
I love you for being you, warts and all.

Little John with his Mama...the picture that reminds me most of Jackboy.

John in Kindergarten

A baseball shot with his brothers...

John and his dad. Yeah, they look a lot alike!

 So glad your parents went for number four!

1 comment:

The Kinkel Family said...

Happy birthday, John! The 30's are great, trust us :)
And, Mel - I'm right there with you on being thankful my in-laws went for #4!

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