02 June 2012

gentle hands

Um, why is this the first time I'm seeing this trailer?

Choked up through the entire song. Beautiful. Anne Hathaway isn't my favorite, but she plays Fantine. Amanda Seyfried is in it as well and she is, really wonderful. Like in this movie? 

One of my personal favs as well as with the lovely Meryl Streep. I could watch anything with Meryl in it.


Jackboy has been having kind of a hard time using gentle hands. Well, that has been going on since he was about 1 1/2, but he just looooves to interact with his sister. I'm still trying to figure out how to react. Do I, let him cuddle with her/sometimes be aggressive in hopes that she'll be able to take it? Or do I helicopter-mom it and not leave the two in the room alone together? Because that's kind of what I've been doing. I try to remember that he's only two and doesn't know his own strength, but also, he's two and knows what I'm talking about when I say things like "don't lay on your sister" or "use gentle hands." In the below picture that is him "turning on his listening ears." We practice every day when he's having a hard time obeying and we turn them with the twist of our fingers. He is such a sweet boy and I know he means well and the last thing he would ever want would be to make her cry. When she does cry he says in the highest voice he can muster, "It's okay, Zoey. Ticky-ticky-ticky!" and tickles her under her chin. So cute.

Zoey adores him. She loves seeing him and when he comes in in the morning she kicks her little legs like the circus is in her very bedroom. (because it pretty much is.) I was running some errands today and Jack asked me to leave Zoey here and that he would watch her. They're going to be pals, I can just tell.

I see Jack outside playing in the yard, eager to meet neighbors. He asks again and again, "what's your name? What's your name?"

He's my little social bug. 

But Zoey-bird is different. I wonder if she'll be outgoing or a little shy. I was extremely social and John was a little more timid (which is kind of funny if you know us now.) I can't wait to see them develop in their sibling relationship. I dream of watching them explore the backyard together, create different adventures with their imaginations and I pray that Zoey will be used in Jack's life to slowing down and resting for a bit ;)

She isn't scared of Jack and when she gets too much of him she squawks like a little animal warning a fellow friend that they will attack if they are bothered much longer. Well, Zoey can't attack much yet, but I hope she one day will. And the wrestling matches will ensue on the floor, like when we were kids.

My little bird, resting on her mat. Praise God her head is looking much better and all the tummy time has made her one strong little girl. She's attempting to roll when she's on her back and has already flipped onto her back from her tummy. I can't believe we're already at four months. Time! Where is it going?

We play outside almost every single day. It's part of my Summer2012Plan. Jack loves it and I love his dirty little hands at the end of the day or asking to be pushed on the "baby swing" 7,000 times. I love hearing him talk to himself, mumble to himself (when we haven't gone out there to push him in said swing.) and line his little cars up on the patio. After he lined these little guys up he kept saying, "Ready! Set! Go!" and then raced in circles around them.

Believe it or not, each one of those cars is hand picked. He knows when one is missing, he's sad if I bring them insides and often times they take baths with him. His "favorite car" is the gray on on the right. "Sally" are the two light blue cars. Other favorites. Not pictured is one of Jack's fav called "sound car." It was John's when he was a boy and it plays a little tune and still works after years and years of use.

John recently changed his day off from Monday to Friday (since Sunday really isn't a weekend day, but a full work day.) I was tentative at first, but let me tell you what. It has been delightful! We have two full days to do whatever we need to do. We have two nights to watch a new movie (or an episode of Mad Men) or go on a date. He works Saturday nights too, so up until now we've only had Friday nights and Sunday nights, which, after a long day aren't much of a hang out night. ;) It's really been nice to get on a new schedule. I am loving it. 

We've gotten a chance to cuddle up in bed after everyone wakes up (which is early round these parts) and just admire little baby chub and little boys who love to jump on beds.

These pictures turned out so beautiful, I can hardly believe it. (thank you, natural lighting)

These two. They looks so different yet alike!

Zoey's eyes are almost navy! I love that they look like a night sky.

Okay, I'm done. Just some pictures for the grandparents ;)

Oh, before I go, last night we watched We Bought A Zoo. Have you seen it? Go and watch it. It was just perfect.

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mattie smith said...

Great pics!! Just watched "zoo" w/ my mom & sister last weekend... Loved it.

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