06 October 2011

fall days

The sound of pouring rain woke me up at 2am. Well, that and I really had to pee. 

It was breathtaking. The sound of the rain against the window, the wind whistling, and my man who couldn't seem to fall asleep. I opened the shades for a minute to see the rain through the street light, but quickly realized how tired I was and returned to bed instead. Sleep continued for me (and eventually for John) and when we awoke it was cold, sunny and wet. Oh, fall. There you are.

I've been trying to keep up with this blog, but haven't done a very good job. Mostly because during nap time I have a list of other projects (or some days just starring out the window at the rainy clouds) because, seriously people, in about four months these nap times will look so different and I'd be lying if I didn't say, I will miss them immensely. I love naptime. I love Jack and love watching him grow, discover and change, but I do love the few hours he sleeps in the afternoon and the moments of solace it brings. After nausea passed during this trimester and I regained my energy, I realized something. I sometimes enjoy doing absolutely nothing. This wasn't a real surprise to me, but I shared it with my task-oriented husband semi-wondering if that was okay. He said it was. ;) 

A few things I've loved this last month...

This trailer: from the director of Billy Elliot? Awesome. Be prepared to choke up a little.

This song: Coldplay was in my dream last night and in my sleepy state I was trying to remember this song and hear it live. I didn't do it justice, but this song is so, so good. Oh, and Chris Martin was totally a normal guy in my dream. Just sayin'. I love the "It was a wa-wa-wa-wa-waterfall." part.

Also, loving this song:

So raw and real. And easy to get stuck in the head.

So good.


Our little family is growing. Yesterday we took this family shot before John left for work and I still feel so shocked to see this little boy in John's arms. He's growing so fast. Please excuse his bathtub haircut that I didn't really do well. ;) So crazy to think next year at this time, Lord willing, we'll have a baby girl in our arms too!

With fall officially arriving, we've lit a lot of Autumn and Leaves scented candles and eaten a lot of chicken pot pies. Yummmm.

Last week we finally got Jack's hand me down playset up and running in the back yard. He digs it. And his car, of course.

Sliding with Grandma and Papa might be one of his most favorite things.

And playing chalk with Grandma. She did an outline of his body and he thought it was the coolest thing. "Jack! Jack!" He kept saying and pointing at the outline. 

And this is our boy, most mornings. He loves his Caillou some days more than his cars. As an avid movie lover, it's really entertaining for me to see my boy love a tv show much. So many of my favorite movies/shows spurred on my imagination as a kid. I spent countless hours pretending I was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Little Mermaid, Laura Ingalls and so many more.

I don't know if Jack dreams of being Caillou, but he sure does think Caillou is fun. That's enough for now. 


Me and the little squirt inside are at 23 weeks. Wow. Halfway there and only a few more weeks left of the second trimester. I'm starting to feel huge and try not to regularly weigh myself, but oh how I love feeling her kick, squirm when I lay down and get kisses from Jackboy. And occasionally smacks as well. All in love, people.

We are still talking about names, but really love the name Zoey Evelyn. We've discussed/argued over the spelling of the name and although I love the idea of spelling it Zoë, I just don't know if I can do it. but with the way our future is headed and how dominate computer stuff is, I don't want the poor girl to have to continually do something weird on the keyboard in order to spell her own name. (Yes, that is one of my reasons. May sound crazy, but true.) And Zoey is cute, short and hopefully there won't be a lot of questions on how to pronounce her name. Maybe. And Evelyn is my grandma's name and John's great aunt's name. It has a lovely ring to it. We'll see.

So thankful for good friends who are on this journey of mamahood with you.


Nessa said...

I love the family photos. I get so excited when you post new music finds. Her maybe name is beautiful.

Les is more said...

I love the name!!
Zander and I were hoping to name our second little girl Evelyn Rose. After my mama and then my stuffed animal (she's a duck). I. am. dead. serious. :) Zoey Evelyn has such a pretty flow. And I'm always smitten with family names. Very dear.
Okay little gal! I'm off to the Poisoned Pen to buy a spooky tale!
love to you all

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