15 June 2010

When you are in high school everyone asks, "Where are you going to college?" and after you tell them your dream they squash it by responding with, "and what are you going to do with that?"

When you are out of college (or only went for a few semesters) the next question that you are asked is, "Do you have a boyfriend? No? Don't you want to get married?" or "You have a boyfriend? Great. When are you going to married?"

Then, after you fall in love and get married you finally start to feel settled in the madness and joy that is the first year of marriage until you hear the NEXT question..."When are you going to have a baby? Are you trying?"

After you get pregnant and go through 17 hours of hard, painful labor and you think you're life can't be anymore complete you soon hear the question..."So, is he sleeping through the night? Well, what I would do is..."

First of all, it's funny how when the question is asked it's not like you weren't thinking about it. Of course, not knowing the direction to go after high school is hard, as is being single, being newly married and trying for a baby. Those are all kind of scary yet adventurous places to be. So who isn't thinking about the next step?

My question is...does it ever end? Will there always be a stereotypical question for these delicate stages in life? I
know they mean well and I love them for it, but it is quite funny how these questions just keep coming. A part of me wants to ask (the person and myself) "Can I just be happy in the place I'm in and not worry about the place I "should" be in?"

I pray so.


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, FOR REAL. Only I don't usually love them for it, I get annoyed. You are a better person than I! :)

Kristina said...

you're so right.

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