08 November 2009

Welcome to the world!

John "JACK" Stephen Dickerson Jr.
joined the world on October 29, 2009 at 8:17pm

Contractions started around 4:00am and continued for 16 hours.
He weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long
We went through delivery without any pain medication, plenty of good, relaxing music and lots of warm showers.

It was truly magnificent.

Painful, yes, but worth every second the minute they handed him to us.

He is a gem and such a gift.
Praise God for a healthy and safe delivery!


Spiro said...

look at that DARK head of hair. can't wait to meet him!

(can i come visit you in the new year?)

Bridget Beth said...

Love! Congratulations!

Les is more said...

ah mel! perfect!

Anonymous said...

Melanie...this is fabulous. I'm so happy for you and John and Jack (what a lucky kid - he'll be a king of imagination in no time!). I can't wait to meet him either. You are loved!


Anonymous said...

oh my crony he is the most retty baby i have ever seen!! and I am not just saying that.....I am over joyed for your little family and Richard and I can't wait for you three to come see us!! Love Rach

Anonymous said...

the was supose to say "pretty" ha sorry!

Kristina said...

YES! what a beautiful family you have. Please post photo updates, I want to see as much of you all as I can from here! SO much love to all of you.
Love kristina

lanes said...

Oh he is beautiful! Congrats and good job!

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