10 September 2009

That Time Again

Although it's still about 80 degrees here in Prescott it's beginning to get cold at night! Sometimes I feel like the weather is playing tricks on me.
I have to admit, a couple nights ago we took a late night trip to Walgreens to pick up the first bag of candy corn....and they were on sale 3 for $4!

Some fun facts about candy corn...
  • Candy corn has been made with the same recipe by the Jelly Belly Candy Company since around 1900.
  • What's in that recipe, exactly? Sugar, corn syrup, and marshmallow.
  • One serving (about 30 pieces) has 140 calories, the equivalent of three miniature Hershey bars.
  • The National Confectioners Association reports that more than 35 million pounds were manufactured in 2005, amounting to almost 9 billion kernels.
Welcome, Fall. I've missed you.

1 comment:

Les is more said...

oh my, you and your love affair with candy corn:)

Hey! I miss you! Did prescott have any festivities at the court house for labor day?

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