07 April 2008


top fives...

5 things you can't live without under 5 dollars:
1) orbit gum
2) coffee
3) new iTunes song obsession
4) gobstoppers
5) good shampoo

5 favorite movies:
1) Stand By Me
2) Lord of the Rings
3) Billy Elliot
4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5) X-Men

5 Songs I could listen to over and over again (and do):
1) Our House-Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
2) Happiness is a Warm Gun-The Beatles
3) Tiny Dancer-Elton John
4) Rocky Mountain High-John Denver
5) Cannot Lose My Love-Sara Groves

5 People who have had a positive influence in your life: (besides friends and family)
1) Hans Peter Royer
2) Louisa May Alcott
3) Corrie Ten Boom
4) Stephen King
5) whoever introduced John's parents to each other (so they could have him. obviously.)

5 moments that changed your life forever
1) Marrying John on June 2nd
2) Stepping off a crowded Ukrainian airplane to an open field with no idea where to go
3) Listening to T.D. for the first time in the Sports Hall Lounge
4) Rachel's birthday that began blessed friendships
5) the day i let go

5 current obsessions:
1) Finding Chaco Shoes size 8 for under 50 dollars
2) Law and Order re-runs
3) Across the Universe soundtrack
4) The Cosby Show
5) late night laughter

5 places I would like to go (in order of reality)
1) Michigan (and around)
2) Belarus
3) California (i'm itchin'for another amusement park visit)
4) England
5) Ukraine

5 peeps that should also do this:
1) Everyone
2) One
3) Who
4) Reads
5) This


Spiro said...

how could i have been so silly to not ask all the cp's to do this top five list.

i'm glad to see we all have TD on there... mel, it'd be great to talk to you soon. been far too long.

Aaron said...

your wit at the end there is truly impressive

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