01 November 2007

a night fit for fun...

...and the joy of taking pizza to the park for a last minute picnic.
...and the weather being warm enough still to do so.
after this picture i thought out loud, "wow, we might
miss these days in the very far future when a kid might arrive."
and maybe its true...
but time is something we definitely have.

"So don't wait For someone to tell you it's too late Cause these are the best days There's always something tomorrow So I say let's make the best of tonight Here comes the rest of our lives " -graham colton

On another note...
Johnny and I had a blast at our second costume party.
This is becoming quite a tradition w/ us...
in public or not in public :)

Oct. 2006:
As Jack and Kate from Lost
Wow. We were but mere children a year ago
Oct. 2007
We went as Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
We had even practiced the song "Jackson" and were reering to go if need be...
alas, they had no 'Jackson' on karaoke, but only "Ring of Fire"
So we sang...

1 comment:

thekate said...

you charming cheeky lass you.
A grand post and I so enjoyed it.
I think you two are being molded by the One who brought you together
into bright, beautiful togetherness that will shine INCREDIBLY into countless lives. just wait'll that ball gets rollin'.
Oh, wait, I think it already is.

love you pal.

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