21 March 2007

Save the date. We'd love to see you. It's comin' just around the corner. (and just barely. only 73 days left)

Life these days mostly consist of work, planning, house renovations, talking, laughing, driving, long phone conversations with distant friends, bridesmaids measurements, visa invitation letter, music brain storming, asking for help, practicing, sharing, growing, being tired, eating pizza rolls, painting bathrooms and making websites. It's one of the most fun times in my entire life.

WIsh you were all here to share in the craziness!


Jacob's Rachel said...

OH PAL.....that is SO CUTE!! Really just so wonderful....I almost died (in a goog way!!) I am seriously so excited....and your both looking so so so VERY HAPPY!!! Love ya Pal

Danielle Alexandra said...

mamita, me alegra mucho por ustedes! Que Dios los bendiga y prospere.
Mamita, I am so happy for both of you! God Bless and prosper you.

Spiro said...

you've been...

tagged. (oh geez)

three literary characters you wish were real so you could meet,
three characters you wish you could be,
and three more that scare you.

see my blog for details.

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